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"RJC Up-Front, NS Up-High"
Title:  "RJC Up-Front, NS Up-High"
Description:  RJ Corman Railroad Companys new 3803 pulls a load of ballast out of the West-end the RJC Lexington Yard while a Norfolk Southern train passes overhead in the background.
Photo Date:  6/11/2007  Upload Date: 6/13/2007 7:33:25 PM
Location:  Lexington, KY
Categories:  RollingStock,Bridge,Yard,Action
Locomotives:  RJCC 3803(GP38-3)
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"New Paint: New GP38-2"
Title:  "New Paint: New GP38-2"
Description:  One of RJ Corman Railroad Companys newest additions is 3803, a new total refurb GP38-2 converted from a tired high-hood GP38 that he owned. Helping 3803 is RJC 1824 which was just repainted last week. These bright red motives are pulling several hoppers filled with new ballast on a local Lexington-area work train.
Photo Date:  6/11/2007  Upload Date: 6/13/2007 7:29:20 PM
Location:  Lexington, KY
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  RJCC 3803(GP38-3) RJCC 1824(GP16)
Views:  479   Comments: 1
"Triple Crown to Pass"
Title:  "Triple Crown to Pass"
Description:  A Southbound NS Triple Crown (NS 9667 and 8758) passes a slower moving mixed freight train at near top speed while both are on the Southland Drive overpass. There is less than a mile before the double track ends- I estimate the 2nd trains speed at between 60 and 70mph! Way fast for Lexington...but really awsome too.
Photo Date:  3/8/2007  Upload Date: 3/10/2007 12:05:48 AM
Location:  Lexington, KY
Author:  Matt Galati
Categories:  Bridge,Action
Locomotives:  NS 9667(C40-9W) NS 8758(C40-8)
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"Blue on Blue"
Title:  "Blue on Blue"
Description:  A great looking Conrail-painted pair of NS motives (NS 8324 and 8204) pulls a mixed consist over the Southland Drive overpass.
Photo Date:  3/8/2007  Upload Date: 3/10/2007 12:00:55 AM
Location:  Lexington, KY
Author:  Matt Galati
Categories:  Bridge,Action
Locomotives:  NS 8324(C40-8W) NS 8204(C39-8)
Views:  356   Comments: 2
"Into the Light"
Title:  "Into the Light"
Description:  NS 9138 pulls a long row of empty coal cars out of the tunnel and toward the bridge over the Monongahala River at Port Perry, PA
Photo Date:  12/28/2006  Upload Date: 12/31/2006 8:02:49 PM
Location:  Port Perry, PA
Author:  Matt Galati
Categories:  Tunnel,Action
Locomotives:  NS 9138(C40-9W)
Views:  245   Comments: 1
"Nice High Hood"
Title:  "Nice High Hood"
Description:  A nice high-hood GP38 (NS 4132) sits idling in the Lexington NS yard while waiting for local work or switching operations.
Photo Date:  2/4/2007  Upload Date: 2/13/2007 7:55:47 PM
Location:  Lexington, KY
Author:  Matt Galati
Categories:  Roster,Yard
Locomotives:  NS 4132(GP38AC)
Views:  234   Comments: 0
"Friendly BNSF"
Title:  "Friendly BNSF"
Description:  A great BNSF crew waves and blows the horn to me and my son as we photograph them near the Waveland Museum Lane Crossing in Lexington on a warm January day. BNSF 4652 is leading with help from BNSF 5273. The train is a mixed load.
Photo Date:  1/24/2007  Upload Date: 1/28/2007 6:44:57 PM
Location:  Lexington, KY
Author:  Matt Galati
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  BNSF 4652(C44-9W) BNSF 5273(C44-9W)
Views:  317   Comments: 0
"Cold Day in Maysville"
Title:  "Cold Day in Maysville"
Description:  On a downright frigid day (3 deg) in Maysville, Kentucky, CSX 6434 and 2321 (the Maysville local) sit idling outside the Amtrak depot while the crews warm up and bundle up for a short switching run.
Photo Date:  2/5/2007  Upload Date: 2/13/2007 8:31:14 PM
Location:  Maysville, KY
Author:  Matt Galati
Categories:  Winter,Yard,Station,Action
Locomotives:  CSX 6434(GP40-2) CSX 2321(Road Slug)
Views:  416   Comments: 0
"Southbound Beer Run"
Title:  "Southbound Beer Run"
Description:  NS 9961, 2672 and 9461 pull the Coors Beer train Southbound across the Burnside Bridge
Photo Date:  12/17/2006  Upload Date: 12/31/2006 6:00:22 PM
Location:  Burnside, KY
Author:  Matt Galati
Categories:  Scenic,Bridge,Action
Locomotives:  NS 9961(C40-9W) NS 2672(SD70M-2) NS 9461(C40-9W)
Views:  2107   Comments: 16
Description:  My 4 year old son Carter and UP 5249 in Lawrenceburg. He is actually covering his ears because theyre cold, not because of the noise.
Photo Date:  1/10/2007  Upload Date: 2/3/2007 1:48:52 PM
Location:  Lawrenceburg, KY
Author:  Matt Galati
Categories:  Action
Locomotives:  UP 5249(AC45CCTE)
Views:  278   Comments: 1
"4x4 To Get Here"
Title:  "4x4 To Get Here"
Description:  Yes, there are some marks on my truck and I had to use the 4x4 to get to this spot. CSX 446 with help from CSX 211 pulls a load of empty coal hoppers toward the Eastern Kentucky coal fields where they will be refilled.
Photo Date:  1/31/2007  Upload Date: 2/3/2007 8:49:47 PM
Location:  Pryse, KY
Author:  Matt Galati
Categories:  Scenic,Action
Locomotives:  CSX 446(AC44CW) CSX 211(AC44CW)
Views:  370   Comments: 0
"Snowy MAC"
Title:  "Snowy MAC"
Description:  A nice SD70MAC (CSX 4761) pulls through the snow approaching the Route 388 crossing on an increasingly-rare snowy Kentucky morning.
Photo Date:  2/2/2007  Upload Date: 2/13/2007 8:03:40 PM
Location:  Redhouse, KY
Author:  Matt Galati
Categories:  Winter,Action
Locomotives:  CSX 4761(SD70MAC)
Views:  261   Comments: 0
"Welcome Sight"
Title:  "Welcome Sight"
Description:  Union Pacific 7523 and 7541 come into sight on this NS line while preparing to cross High Bridge
Photo Date:  1/3/2007  Upload Date: 1/6/2007 6:33:40 PM
Location:  High Bridge, KY
Author:  Matt Galati
Categories:  Bridge,Action
Locomotives:  UP 7523(AC60CW) UP 7541(AC60CW)
Views:  402   Comments: 0
"BNSF Leading"
Title:  "BNSF Leading"
Description:  BNSF 7751, working for Norfolk Southern, works with NS 9413 to pull a Southbound mixed at the Rosemont Garden crossing.
Photo Date:  12/8/2006  Upload Date: 12/8/2006 8:57:58 PM
Location:  Lexington, KY
Author:  Matt Galati
Categories:  Signal,Action
Locomotives:  BNSF 7751(ES44DC) NS 9413(C40-9W)
Views:  340   Comments: 0

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